Sunday, February 13, 2011

later in life...?

I know I'm just stating highschool, but i always wonder how I'm going to raise my kids (When I have kids). Is the way my parents raising me better then say, the way my next door neighbor is raising their kids? Are things that make me mad at my parents now, something that will make my kids mad too? Im a pretty good student, all honors classes, my parents push me in school. Sometimes I wish I could take easier classes. I know that later in life this will probably pay off, but school is sucking away my social life. Let me ask some of the older blogger out there, is having an amazing highschool experience and a decent adult life better then an decent highschool life and a great adult life?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Road not Takem

Well, this is my first blog, and i thought I'd make it about life in general, and the choices we make. As a 9th grade student, I witness things that i wish were differemt. In this blog, i'll probably discuss why things are the way they are, and probably some stuff about snowboarding and bboying. Enjoy!!